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#1 in the RMF FM charts for Piotr Konca and his band IRA

With their newest single “W górę patrz”, IRA, one of the best Polish rock bands has been topping the charts. Released in May 2020, the single reached the #1 spot on the RMF FM radio charts, the most popular charts of the country, where it remained present for 9 weeks in a row!

Piotr Konca, as the guitarist of IRA, was one of the main composers of the single, along with Sebastian Piekarek and Piotr Sujka. The song announces the arrival of the band’s twelfth album, which will be released during autumn 2020.

The huge success of the track can be also correlated with its fresh music video clip that features the new generation of young fans and their great appeal and enthusiastic comments online.

Stay tuned!