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Change in royalty distribution and a new chart topping remix

There is important and exciting news for the shareholders of the EL Éditions Publishing Catalogue, which is available for trading on the ANote Music marketplace since its first successful auction completion back in June 2021.

Starting from January 2023, the collection of the royalties from sub-publishers for the catalogue will be centralised towards SACEM (the French National Collective Organization), which is from now on in charge of collecting and distributing both royalties from publishers and sub-publishers generated by the songs included in the EL Éditions Publishing Catalogue.

On top of this, the first quarter of 2023 comes with the release of a catchy new remix of the song “Je m’en vais” - originally performed by Vianney and included in the catalogue - by the talented french urban artist Chiloo, which has been receiving incredible success in France, especially in the radio charts where it is currently holding the 23rd position in the Radio Chart by SNEP, marking it the 16th consecutive week within the top radio airplay charts. 


This is exciting news for the investors in the catalogue, as since the remix is tied to the original composition of the song, it is likely that royalties from publishing rights of the track will experience a beneficial effect from the increased popularity of the newly released version.

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Stay tuned!