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New song and tour dates for Zero Assoluto

Exciting news for the shareholders of the Zero Assoluto Catalogue, which is available for trading on the ANote Music marketplace since its first successful auction completion back in July 2021.

The Italian duo has experienced an increased popularity thanks to recent success achieved on TikTok with one of their biggest hits from the early 2000s "Per Dimenticare". The song has been used more than 10,000 times as background audio in videos on the video sharing platform, which contributed to making new audiences discover one of Zero Assoluto’s major (and now proven to be evergreen) successes.

On top of that, after a six years break, the duo has returned for two live concerts: the first took place at the Fabrique in Milan on May 20 and was sold-out ahead of the show taking place. The second show will take place on November 12 at Palazzo dello Sport in Rome. During these occasions Zero Assoluto will be performing their entire discography covering over 20 years of career, from the first hits of the early 2000s to the new songs which were just recently released. 

Talking about new releases: on the 19th of May the duo made their comeback with a new single called “Sardegna”, which is available on all streaming platforms and digital stores and can count on an artistic music video, featuring the popular italian modern-style dancer Samuele Barbetta, which was shot in the island to which the song’s name is inspired.


New songs, new tour dates, new life for Zero Assoluto and, of course, new royalties coming in the future for the shareholders of the Zero Assoluto Catalogue on our platform. 

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Stay tuned!