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Changes in royalty distribution for catalogues of Tomasz Lubert and Piotr Konca

Today, we have exciting news for investors in the Tomasz Lubert Catalogue and Piotr Konca Catalogue, both brought to the ANote Music platform by Royalty Trade Zone S.A., the first entity in Poland acting as an intermediary in the purchase and sale of copyrights and related rights.

To optimize and strengthen the royalty streamlining of both catalogues, the artists have reached an agreement with Royalty Trade Zone S.A. to exclusively assign the management of copyrights (collected by ZAiKS) and discontinue the collection of royalties from neighboring rights (collected by STOART), which will now revert directly to the artists.

In light of this adjustment, concerning the Tomasz Lubert Catalogue, Royalty Trade Zone S.A. (the rights holder) will cease the collection of neighboring rights royalties by STOART and receive a correspondingly increased percentage of the Copyright royalties through the Polish performance rights organization ZAiKS. Consequently, the percentage of Royalty Interests as listed on the ANote Music platform moves from 21.8% (including copyrights and neighboring rights) to 26.8% of copyrights collected by ZAiKS.

As for the Piotr Konca Catalogue, Royalty Trade Zone S.A., in consideration of this adjustment, has received €1,412.71 from the artist. This amount has been pro-rata distributed to owners of royalty interest shares on the ANote Music platform as part of the royalty payout distribution executed in February 2024.

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