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Zero Assoluto Catalogue reaching new heights with digital distribution: performance of the catalogue one year after its listing

After contributing to the recovery of the global music industry in the past years, streaming quickly became the dominant means of music consumption worldwide and represents a paramount channel for artists, musicians, record labels and publishers to distribute their music and get in touch with the fan base.

Defining and executing a proper digital distribution strategy represents an important aspect to improve the earning model for a music catalogue nowadays. The recent performance of the Zero Assoluto Catalogue, which is available for trading on ANote Music, represents an interesting case study of the beneficial impacts that streaming can have on a music catalogue performance. 

Growing the results

As can be seen in the table below, the royalties generated by the catalogue’s digital distribution have experienced an important increase over the last four years (2018-2022), growing at an average rate of 42% yearly. Specifically, during Q2 2022 the royalties from digital distribution alone have seen an impressive growth to €16,006.03, which represents a 195% increase compared to Q2 2021 (€5,410.79). 

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Figure 1: Royalties from digital distribution (Q2 2018 - Q2 2022)

Growth has been experienced both by the band’s back catalogue (old releases) as well as their new releases. In Q2 2022, Zero Assoluto’s back catalogue generated a total amount of €7,666.37 in royalties, up by 115% compared to Q2 2021, whereas new releases generated €8,339.66 in royalties, up by 348% compared to Q2 2021. The growth has mainly been achieved thanks to better performance in specific digital platforms, such as Spotify and YouTube. 

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Figure 2: Royalties from digital distribution by category (Q3 2017 - Q2 2022)

Since the auction closed on July 8th 2021, the catalogue market capitalization on the ANote Music platform has experienced a 21.83% increase, moving from €87,000 in July 2021 to €106,000 in October 2022, most likely following the improved performance of the catalogue’s distributed royalties. After just slightly over one year from its listing on the ANote Music platform, the catalogue has already served 6 royalty payout instalments and we are pleased to observe how it has been able to reach new heights in digital distribution. 

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