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Heaps of sync for “Strani Amori” in Zalone’s TOLO TOLO film


As the multi-awarded movie, TOLO TOLO, by Checco Zalone continues being extremely successful, more and more synchronization royalties are being generated for Laura Pausini’s track, which is used in the film.

Her song “Strani amori” included in Benvenuto Edizioni’s catalogue, is used for 50 seconds as soundtrack in the movie. This marks a great success for Benvenuto’s catalogue, with a lot of generated royalties and income to be received for the copyrighted music.

TOLO TOLO’s DVD currently stands as the #1 bestseller on comedy and leads in terms of sales in many big Italian shops. This leaves even more room for “Strani Amori” to rise aside in popularity.

Stay tuned!