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It’s Never Ever enough with Ever Ever Music: 5% more of the catalogue in Direct Listing

One year after their first successful listing and subsequent ‘Direct Listing’ of additional 2.5% of their catalogue, Ever Ever Music further consolidates its presence on the ANote Music platform bringing an additional 5% of their music catalogue on the secondary market through an extended ‘Direct Listing’. 

Starting from Thursday 23rd of November, the German independent record label will gradually make 10,000 additional shares of their catalogue available on ANote Music’s secondary market - bringing the total catalogue percentage listed to 10% - at a price range set between €9.50 and €14.50 per share, following demand and supply dynamics.

Since its first listing, the Ever Ever Music Catalogue has distributed a total of €10,423.78 to its investors through 12 monthly royalty payouts resulting in an observed annual yield of 10.16% over the last 12 months. It is currently the only catalogue on our platform distributing royalties on a monthly basis and includes the Future tracks that the label is going to release over the next few years.

And talking about “Future tracks”, we have some further great news to share with you: Ever Ever enters the holiday season by signing a new five-release deal with artist Julita, starting with a new version of the Christmas song 'Winter mit Dir' and a dedicated campaign, building up on their previous successful collaboration and aiming to expand her audience to over 1.2 million followers. 

Given the inclusion of ‘Future tracks’ in the Ever Ever Music Catalogue (ID016), these new songs are going to contribute to the overall catalogue’s future royalty performance.

What is ‘Direct Listing’?

The ‘Direct Listing’ comes as an instrument for music rights holders who have already  experienced the benefits of our platform through a successful primary market auction to gradually share larger percentages of their music catalogues’ royalties with investors and fanbase. 

Read our dedicated article on the Support Centre to discover more about it.

About the Ever Ever Music Catalogue:

Ever Ever Music GmbH & Co KG is an independent German record label and management agency. The Ever Ever Music Catalogue provides access to the Master rights royalties of over 270 music compositions spanning various genres, including German Hip Hop, Trap, Electronic, Dance, and Pop. It features a diverse range of rising German artists such as TheDoDo, Broys, Isi Gluck, Akros, Scutta, Pbb Yea, Julita, and more.

Listen to our dedicated Spotify playlist to discover the songs included.

Stay tuned!