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Sundance Music expands its listing: 5% of its catalogue through ‘Direct Listing’ added

Following the successful completion of their auction in May 2022 and already more than €7,000 distributed to investors through 3 royalty payouts, Sundance Music, in collaboration with ANote Music, has decided to expand its offering by listing an additional 5% of its catalogue’s royalty interest through ‘Direct Listing’ in our secondary market. 

The ‘Direct Listing’ allows music rights holders to gradually share bigger percentages of their music catalogue after successfully listing an initial portion through primary market auction. Starting from today, the Danish independent record label and rights' holding company, will start making 10,000 additional shares of its catalogue available on  ANote’s  secondary market, at a price range set between €16 and €22 per share, following demand and supply dynamics.

Peter Littaeur, Sundance Music ApS, commented: “After launching the first 5% of our catalogue’s royalty interest on  ANote Music in May 2022, we've been very busy. The financial boost we received through the auction allowed us to focus more on creating new productions and marketing them more efficiently. We're now starting to see the results of our efforts. In the last three months, there has been a substantial increase in streaming of our total repertoire, with 9.7 million streams compared to 7.5 million in the previous quarter and 6.5 million in the two quarters before that. This amounts to a roughly 40% increase overall, and we expect it to continue since we have many new productions in the pipeline.”

ANote Music is thrilled to continue in its mission of opening new financing and growth opportunities for music creators and professionals in the music industry. Thanks to the support and trust of our music partners, such as Sundance Music, we thrive to unlock additional value for all the players in the value chain. If you want to Jazz up your portfolio even further, this is an occasion you would definitely not want to miss.

Looking to learn more about this music catalogue? Go visit the ANote Music platform, create an account or log in, and discover all financial details and relevant insights about it. Click here to visit the platform.

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