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Ever Ever Music unlocks an additional 2.5% of its catalogue through ‘Direct listing’

After largely surpassing its target and successfully completing the auction earlier this month, Ever Ever Music will list an additional 2.5% of its catalogue’s royalty interest directly on the ANote’s secondary market. From today on, the German independent record label and management agency will start making 5,000 more shares of its catalogue available on ANote Music.

This marks the first Direct listing, an initiative launched by ANote Music to stimulate growth and allow rights holders to gradually share a bigger percentage of their catalogue without the rush of an auction period. ‘Direct listings’ take place after the catalogue has first listed an initial portion of the shares in a successful auction. In this second phase of listing shares, the price per share will be based on demand and supply dynamics in the secondary market.

The ‘Direct listing’ also brings good news for investors who already are shareholders of the Ever Ever Music catalogue (ID016). There will be no “dilution”, as the additional 5,000 shares will correspond to an extra 2.5% of the catalogue total royalty interest, with each share of the “new'' 5,000 being totally equivalent to the original 5,000 that were originally auctioned. Ever Ever Music may list as of today the first shares at a price range within €8.50 and €11.50 per share.

Looking to learn more about this music catalogue? Go visit the ANote Music platform, create an account or log in, and discover all financial details and relevant insights about all aforementioned  assets. Click here to visit the platform.

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