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Sundance artist Snorre Kirk charts 1st on US JazzWeek Airplay Chart

Whether you already own or are interested in the Sundance Music Catalogue, there's much more to celebrate than its strong royalty performance in 2023.

For the first time in the label’s history, Sundance artist Snorre Kirk's album 'Top Dog' has secured the No. 1 spot of the US JazzWeek Airplay chart, with over 250 spins and 45 radio station reports registered in Week 17 of 2024. This achievement made it the most reported track of the week.

Additionally, another Sundance-signed artist, Caesar Frazier, saw his album 'Live At Jazzcup' climb to No. 16 on the chart, rising 10 positions from the previous week with over 150 spins and 34 radio station reports, after spending 6 weeks in the chart.

Radio airplay is important for artists, labels, and publishers, as it provides significant exposure, credibility, and potential collaboration opportunities that can positively impact their catalogue's future royalty performance. Key indicators of radio airplay performance include:

  • Spins: The number of times a song or track is played on a radio station. Each play is counted as one "spin," indicating the level of airplay a song is receiving.

  • Reports: Data submitted by radio stations detailing which songs or albums they have played and how frequently. A high number of reports for a song or album suggests significant airplay across multiple radio stations, which can influence its popularity and chart performance.

Being the "most reported"—as in the case of Snorre Kirk’s album 'Top Dog'—indicates that the music is receiving airplay from a large number of stations, making it one of the most played and monitored tracks within a specific time frame.

This is great news for the owners of the Sundance Music Catalogue shares on ANote Music, currently available through Direct Listing on our secondary market. Since its initial listing in May 2022, the catalogue has distributed a total of €34,456.30 in royalties through 7 quarterly payouts.

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