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4 Songs added to the Andreas Öberg Catalogue

The third quarter of 2023 has brought us amazing news and was filled with some milestone achievements, including the successful completion of the auction of our first K-pop catalogue, featuring 50+ songs written and produced by the multi-platinum awarded songwriter, producer and guitarist Andreas Öberg.

Today, we have exciting news to share about this catalogue! Andreas Öberg (the rights holder) has decided, in agreement with ANote Music, to include 4 additional songs written by him to the catalogue’s repertoire, which are going to contribute to the overall catalogue’s future royalty performance. This is not only great news for those investors who already purchased shares, as it adds more value to the assets they own, it’s also great news for everyone looking to buy into this catalogue on our secondary market. 

Here’s the list of the additional songs included:

  1. IZ*ONE - Eyes
  2. Red Velvet - Feel My Rhythm
  3. SuperM - Better Days
  4. The Boyz - Whiplash

Note: These songs have been intentionally added by the rights holder and do not constitute ‘Future Tracks’, which is an option that is not included to the catalogue’s listing.

Mark your calendar! The first royalty payout of the Andreas Oberg Catalogue is expected to take place during the month of November and the songwriter expressed his interest in launching a Direct Listing on our secondary market next year! 

Stay tuned!