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It’s ‘Direct Listing’ time: Steve James lists 50% more of his catalogue

May brings a brand new investment opportunity for our community of investors. Steve James, in collaboration with ANote Music, broadens his offering by listing an additional 50% of his catalogue’s royalty interests through a ‘Direct Listing’ on ANote Music’s secondary market. The offering comes two months after the initial auction successfully completed in the primary market during March 2023 and following shortly after its first royalty payout to investors in early May 2023.

The ‘Direct Listing’ comes as an instrument for music rights holders who have already experienced the benefits of our platform through a successful primary market auction to gradually share larger percentages of their music catalogues, sharing more of their catalogue with investors and fanbase. Starting today, the American artist/producer Steve James, will gradually make available 10,000 additional shares of his catalogue on the ANote Music secondary market, at a price range set between €14 and €17 per share, following demand and supply dynamics.

Opening new financing and growth opportunities for music creators and professionals in the music industry stands at the core of ANote’s mission. Thanks to the support and trust of our music partners, such as Steve James, we aim to unlock additional value for all the players in the industry, democratising the access to music royalty investments. 

If you want to turn up the volume of your investment portfolio with passive cash flows deriving from five popular top-of-the-charts hits produced by Steve James with billions of streams and online views, this is an occasion you certainly don’t want to miss.

Looking to learn more about this music catalogue? Go visit the ANote Music platform, create an account or log in, and discover all financial details and relevant insights about it. Click here to visit the platform.

Stay tuned!