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“At last’’ but not least, Cadillac Records Soundtrack starts Direct Listing

It’s July 2023! Temperatures are rising, royalties are getting regularly paid out on our platform and we recently crossed the milestone of €350,000 royalties distributed since ANote Music’s first launch. If that was not enough to qualify July as a hot month, well, we have more hot news for you: a new direct listing is coming for our investors community in the Secondary Market and it goes by the name of Cadillac Records Soundtrack. 

Following their successful auction in the primary market back in December 2022 and their first royalty payout on the ANote Music platform in April 2023, Mathew Knowles’ Music World Entertainment Corp. (MWEC), in collaboration with ANote Music, is broadening the Cadillac Records Sountrack’s offering by listing additional 50% of the catalogue’s royalty interests through a ‘Direct Listing’ on ANote Music’s secondary market.

For those who have never heard about it, the ‘Direct Listing’ comes as an instrument for music rights holders who have already experienced the benefits of our platform through a successful primary market auction to gradually share larger percentages of their music catalogues, sharing more of their catalogue with investors and fanbase. Starting today, MWEC will gradually make available 10,000 additional shares of their catalogue - including the songs composing the soundtrack from the motion picture “Cadillac Records” - on the ANote Music secondary market, at a price range set between €32.53 and €60.41 per share, following demand and supply dynamics.

At ANote Music we thrive to open new financing and growth opportunities for music creators and professionals in the music industry. Thanks to the support and trust of our music partners, such as MWEC, we aim to unlock additional value for all the players in the industry, democratising the access to music royalty investments. 

With a music catalogue including covers of classic songs from Chess Records' singers as performed by the film's actors including Beyoncé (as Etta James), Eamonn Walker (as Howlin' Wolf) and Jeffrey Wright (as Muddy Waters), as well as original songs from contemporary artists such as Solange Knowles, Nas, Mos Def and Q-Tip, we are sure this is an occasion you may not want to miss. 

Are you curious to hear more about the tracks included in the catalogue? Here’s our Spotify playlist to listen to them all: Cadillac Records Soundtrack Playlist.

Looking to learn more about this music catalogue? Go visit the ANote Music platform, create an  account or log in, and discover all financial details and relevant insights about it. Click here to visit the platform.