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IRMA Records closes 2020 with a sturdy 7% streaming growth

A sturdy growth of +7% in streams was reported for the IRMA Records Publishing Catalogue during Q4 2020 (August to December 2020).

The publisher’s inventive approach to the music consumption trends of 2020 has been resulting in an increased listeners’ engagement and a broader social media reach. IRMA Records’ YouTube Channel Acid Jazz, a thematic channel concentrated on groovy, Jazz Funk music, has grown to exceed 50k subscribers in less than solely 90 days, while their page is close to complete the milestone of 100k subscribers, with the long-awaited Silver play button Creator Award.

It is evident that IRMA Records’ rethinking and fresh turn on their online presence has been paying off. The publisher’s focus on new animation longforms and visual techniques, along with their crisp collaborations with new artists and their two non-stop, 24/7, live streams is expected to have a positive impact on future revenue flows of the catalogue.

Stay tuned!