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Streaming surge during Summer months for IRMA Records

A total increase of +18% in streams reported for IRMA Records Publishing Catalogue during the months of July and August  (Apple Music +11%, Deezer +22% and Spotify +19% respectively). The catalogue was particularly popular in Italy, the United States of America, Spain, Germany and France, with these countries being the focal areas of its streaming success.

Downloads on the other hand, have been aligned with the global market trends and have experienced a 7.6% decrease.

Papik and Murubutu have been the most listened artists on IRMA’s roster, respectively accounting for 14% and 9% of the total number of streams for July and August 2020. Ely Bruna, Alan Scaffardi, Jestofunk, LTJ Sarah Jane Morris, Melania, Brancaleoni and Nu Braz are all following among the top.